Our Collie Mix Dog, Kash Flow!

Kash Flow, a collie mix dog, is also known as Kash the Dog!

The collie mix is part Border Collie and part Australian Shepherd. Two of the smartest breeds of dogs known. Sometimes their smartness can work against you if you are not careful.

Collie mix

Kash the Dog, a Collie mix.

Now collie mix dogs are so darn loyal, and they make great companions. They need to be taken care of though. Regular brushing of their coat keeps mats from forming, and also keep an eye on their skin. It can be sensitive.

Kash gets bathed every 3 weeks, maybe more, maybe less. All depends on what conditions he gets into. When he hikes on dusty or muddy trails, or swims in swamp ponds, he may get a bath a lot sooner. Poison ivy gets on his fur when running through the fields and woods, and that can easily transfer to you, so that is something we look out for. (we both have poison ivy as I write this!)

collie mix

Kash the Dog loves to swim!

Kash the Dog has been swimming in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, many rivers including, Mississippi, Columbia, St. Lawrence Seaway, Hudson, Hoh, Klamath, Kalamazoo, Rabbit, Merced, Wolf, Little Two Heart, Yellow Dog, and many others. Plus he has been swimming in all 5 Great Lakes! Kash, our Collie mix loves to swim!

Kash uses a life vest when he swims in fast water or goes out in waves. We recommend the EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket. This vest has superior durable construction and features up to 50% more flotation material than most other pet life jackets. And it fits well without making Kash uncomfortable. Gives us a better sense of comfort knowing he has it on.

Collie mix

Shelly’s protector!

Kash the Dog loves his co-master, Shelly. He just adores her and protects her with a gentle fierceness! He is my pal and daily companion, but when Shelly comes home, he is all about her! What a great thing to see! She has him trained her way, which is probably better than my method. She has a great way of dog training, I have mine. Kash and I use eye signals and head bobs. That really makes Shelly mad at times, when he will only listen to me until I give him the signal!

Pet you dog while you talk sincerely to them. They like that. And remember, Collie mix dogs make great companions, so train them and take care of their needs and they will be loyal to the ends of the earth to you!

Thomas & Kash

Collie mix

Thomas & Kash, Blues style.


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Collie Mix Red Aussie Smart Handsome

NewsFlash! Collie Mix Dogs Are Smart!

Collie mix dogs, be it with Border Collies, Rough Collies, Australian Shepherds, Farm Collies, Old English Sheepdog, Australian Cattle Dog, and so on, are from the herding family. And they are all smart as a whip!

Collie mix

Tuckered Out

That’s Kash the Dog, a Collie mix, actually we were told he’s a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. He was found in an old car abandoned in a run down barn somewhere near Elkhart, Indiana. Just 6 weeks or so, full of fleas and all four pups were sick.

Now, since we have had him, and he is almost 6-1/2 years old, he has only been ill 1 day, and that was after he dispatched a raccoon on our deck one night. At 70 pounds, he is pretty good sized, solid, and very little fat. Not afraid of much except toads.

Now as far as smarts go, the Border Collie ranks #1 in Stanley Coren‘s The Intelligence of Dogs. Collie mix or collie type dogs have 4 of the first 16 smartest dogs according to Stanley Coren. Our dog training we invested in really helped!

collie mix

1st Day of March and Kash the Dog is wading in the swamp.

Kash the Dog and I go walking or hiking every day either on the Blue Racer Ranch where we live, or in the dunes along Lake Michigan. Sometimes we go to one of the very nice local nature parks in the Southwest Michigan area.

I always have my camera, a Panasonic Lumix, and I take a lot of photos. It is the best camera! Light weight, easy to use, great lens glass and telephoto/macro. I have had 3 different cameras, all Panasonic Lumix, 2 of the same model even! They have taken over one million photos between the 3 of them!

Tomorrow we are going to hike a new Nature Conservancy park that is only a mile away. It is beautiful land with Black River frontage.

collie mix

Smart enough not to climb trees!

Well, that’s enough for tonight. Time to take Kash the Dog out for a whiz and have a healthy homemade dog treat. Later.

Thomas & Kash (collie mix)

Border Collie mix


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Kash Our Collie Mix Dog – Smart One!

Kash, Our Collie Mix Dog Is Smart!

Kash is a Border Collie mix, mixed with Australian Shepherd. Two of the smartest breeds according to Animal Planet.

Border Collie mix

Kash the Dog loves our daily hike through the woods on the Blue Racer Ranch.

Coy-Wolf = Bad News!

We have been having trouble with a “Coy-Wolf” hanging around. It’s a pretty big one. They are a mix between a coyote and a wolf. It is probably taller than Kash, but not as heavy and thick.

border collie mix

This is the trail cam photo from last night of the coy-wolf. You can see how long those legs are. This is right out our big windows!

With Kash being close to 70 solid pounds, good sized for a Border Collie mix, it would be a deadly fight! I know how big a regular coyote’s teeth are, and they are fighters, built for survival. Scares me because Kash takes off chasing them whenever he sees them. He only drops the chase if I scream at him!

Border Collie mix

Border Collie-Aussie Mix

Back to how smart Kash the Dog is… the other day we were walking down our usual trail we take in the morning, when he just stopped in front of me, blocking the trail. I said “move it” but he would not. He kept looking down the trail and I could see something was bothering him. Thought it was coyotes but after a few minutes we didn’t see any.

So, with him not budging, I turned around listening to my gut and his intuition. We walked about 20 feet and crack! A 8″ diameter trunk tree came crashing down across the trail! And then a second one crashed down! Now how in the heck did he know that was going to happen? May have saved my life!

Border Collie mix

Border Collie mix dogs like Kash are super smart. Thanks to the dog training course we invested in early on. They can be headstrong and are smart to learn bad things as easily and the things you want them to learn.

Do yourself a favor if you adopt one of these Border Collie mix puppies and get a good dog training course geared towards Border Collies or Australian Shepherds as they learn quickly but they can have some quirky behaviors that need to be dealt with early on.

Go pet your pooch and take him/her for a walk. Listen to them, talk softly while maintaining eye contact. They’ll love you.

Thomas & Kash

Border Collie mix

Kash Flow, A Collie Mix, Amazes Me Daily

Collie Mix Especially Border Collie-Aussie Mix Dogs Are Smart!

Kash the Dog is a collie mix dog that is more Australian Shepherd than Collie.

Border Collie-Aussie mix

Collie mix, Kash the Dog

Kash the Dog is one of those critters that can be very smart, and the master has to be just a tick smarter, or he/she will get run over. He has learned to be vocal, many sounds and barks I can decipher, but some still baffle me.

He has different barks for squirrels, a bark for cats, a bark for rabbits, a special vicious bark for raccoons, and then an all together different bark for humans. I know them all and it just amazes my wife when I tell her what he is barking at.

At one time we bought a bark collar that we only had to put on him 2 times and he got the message. That was when he was a pup and would bark his brain piercing bark non stop for no reason. It was such a sharp bark it would hurt my wife’s ears so bad she would be in tears!

collie mix

Kash the Dog is so gentle with other animals/birds.

After we took the time and invested in an dog training course, and Kash finally bonded with us, (it was a 6 month process!) he has become a fantastic, loyal companion!

We take Kash on cross country, all back roads, adventures every summer. We are usually traveling for weeks. He is a great traveler. Kash has been swimming in all the Great Lakes, the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic ocean, many, many rivers and lakes, even under a couple waterfalls!


Collie mix

Kash swimming near waterfall in Oregon

We travel in our Honda Odyssey, equipped with a custom made sleeping platform. Our travel gear fits in totes under the platform. We have a 8 inch memory foam mattress that we sleep on and Kash has his own memory foam dog bed. With a built in ice cooler and a small one burner stove, we are equipped to camp at select scenic campgrounds, or wherever.

I am a photographer and take thousands of digital photos while on vacation. My camera of choice is a small Panasonic Lumix DMC -FZ300K which is going to replace my Lumix DMC – FZ60 that is now a few years old. It is the best camera for how I travel and take photos. I have 1.3 million photos taken with 2 of those Panasonic cameras and not a single problem! Not even when it was dragged through the mud hanging around my panicked, running full blast, dog for a 100 yards!

Well, we are planning another trip, we just don’t know when. We will post some new photos when we do.

See you next post. (it won’t be quite so long)

Thomas & Kash

collie mix

Thomas & Kash










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Collie Mix, Kash the Dog Rocks

Our dog Kash, a Border Collie mix is awesome!

Collie mix could conjour up a Lassie-like dog mixed with a German Shepherd or Labrador, or many other dogs. And it would probably be a good dog. But a Border Collie-Aussie mix is a smart-as-a-whip kind of dog! With a Border Collie rated the #1 or #2 smartest dogs by polls with Australian Shepherds coming in at #5 or #8 in the polls, breeding the two results in an interesting critter. Smart, really smart!

Collie mix

Kash the Dog

Kash the Dog loves the snow, until it gets too deep, or just crusty enough on top that he sinks in every two or three steps. Kind of throws his rhythm off while trotting or tracking down a rabbit. Speaking of hunting, Kash is not that good at tracking, but more of a sight hunter. He will watch my eyes to see if I see any game, as well as looking on his own.

On another note, we just looked at a Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs (Headrest Edition) New Price: Old Price: You Save: on Amazon and decided to get him that for our next cross country driving/camping adventure this summer. He already has a nice memory foam dog bed, PETMAKER Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Cover, X-Large New Price: $46.23 Old Price: $46.24 You Save: $0.01 but he chose to curl up on the front seat instead. Maybe with this new bed he will stay in bed!

This year we are either going to Washington and Oregon, or up into British Columbia, Canada. We seem to favor Washington as that seems to be our favorite state for what we like.

Collie Mix

A Border Collie-Aussie mix dog

When Kash was in his first 6 months with us, he was a rescue dog by the way, Kash did not want to bond with us. I always though of myself as a minor dog whisperer, but I met my match with this collie mix! He had this brain piercing sharp bark that he used as a weapon. The more we tried to break him of this bad habit, the more he did it – and sometimes followed it up with a bite!

We finally broke down and bought an electronic dog bark collar Petrainer PET998DRB1 Dog Training Collar Rechargeable and Rainproof 330 yd Remote Dog Shock Collar with Beep, Vibra and Shock Electronic Collar New Price: $49.99 Old Price: $49.99 You Save: $21.00 ! Our last choice. We were at the point of almost giving him back to the rescue agency!

The anti-bark dog collar PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar for Dogs, Citronella, Anti-Bark Device, Water Resistant New Price: $41.22 Old Price: $41.22 You Save: worked! We only put it on him two times, and it broke him of using the bark as a weapon against us! He still barks, but only when he needs to, such as at other dogs (sometimes) and when he chases squirrels, or when someone is on our property. Good dog!

Well we kind of bounced around on this post today. Did you ever have one of those days where you were just all over the place and don’t get much done? Today is one of those times.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh yeah, check out my Pinterest board called Border Collie-Aussie.

Here is a video that you might like as well.


Pet your dog, gently.

Thomas & Kash

collie mix

Kash Flow, Our Collie Mix Dog Is Smart

Collie mix dogs are generally smart.

Kash is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, two smart as a whip breeds mixed together!

Collie mix

Border Collie-Aussie mix, Kash Flow

Kash has been wired a little different than most dogs. It was a real struggle trying to bond with him the first 6 months. He wanted nothing to do with petting, snuggling, or even staying in the same room with you.

He bit us, barked the most brain piercing bark non-stop when you were trying to watch television or talk on the phone.

Kash has always loved to play though! We have gone through so many toys, bones, balls, and sticks due to his aggressive and powerful chewing!

We bought an ebook on puppy training and dog training that helped us a lot! Now I found a really cool puppy training program. It is called Doggy Dan – The Online Dog Trainer. It has over 250 videos, all available on his website. It works for all dog breeds, puppies and dogs, and covers the 34 most common issues in depth. It is a fun method that is endorsed by the SPCA. You should investigate this program if you need help with training your dog. Here is the link. Dog Training Videos

On another subject, we took our summer vacation, with Kash, in our van that we modified so we could sleep in it. I built a wood frame that had pull out bins under a platform that had a 8 inch memory foam mattress Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen New Price: $189.00 Old Price: $289.00 You Save: $100.00 for sleeping. (it was real comfy!) Kash had his own memory foam dog bed Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed with Anti-Microbial Removable Waterproof Washable Non-slip Cover - (Small) 60cm x 45cm x 10cm New Price: $27.99 Old Price: $27.99 You Save: .

Border Collie Mix

We traveled 4000 miles, all on backroads, from Michigan to Maine and Canada. I am a “picker” so we stopped at a lot of “yard sales”, flea markets, and antique malls.

Kash, being a Border Collie mix, needs lots of exercise! Riding in a van all day gets him in a funky mood if you don’t stop and hike or swim at least a couple times every day. We would seek out lakes, clean rivers, and one beaver pond to let him swim. He loves to swim!

collie mix

Well I’ll post more on our vacation in the next post. Kash has a raccoon up a tree right now and is barking like a crazed hounder!

Don’t forget about the dog training program! It is a fantastic resource!

Pet your dog.

Thomas & Kash

collie mix

Kash, a Border Collie Mix is A Smart, Smart Dog

Border Collie Mix Dog is Smart and Handsome!

Kash our Border Collie mix dog is 1/2 Border Collie and 1/2 Australian Shepherd. According to VetStreet.com, Border Collies are the smartest with Australian Shepherds at #4. So Kash is a smarty pants.

collie mix


Kash does love the snow! We have about 8 inches on the ground right now and he can’t wait to run in it.

We have been hiking the woods checking out all the fresh tracks every morning. So far we have identified coyote, rabbit squirrel, turkey, deer, and a mysterious guest. Whatever makes this mystery set of tracks like to travel along the small waterway, snoop in dead tree trunks, and looks almost like it has slightly webbed feet!

There is an issue popping up with the snow. For some reason it seems that it erases boundries that have been set as to how far Kash can venture without one of us with him. This is kind of scary because of the coyotes. He has chased them before but I’ve been able to call him back because I was with him. So I have been thinking about getting a Remote Control Training Shock Collar Training Collar Casfuy Upgraded 1000ft Remote Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar with Beep Vibration and Harmless Shock for Small Medium Large Dog (6.6-120lbs) New Price: $139.99 Old Price: $139.99 You Save: $100.00

Have any of you used a Remote Control Training Shock Collar with your dog? How did it work? Did the dog suffer any after effects from getting shocked? Let me know in the comment section below.

Well it is less than a week before Christmas. I bought Kash some healthy dog treats Triumph Dog Turkey, Pea, & Berry Grain Free Jerky, 24-Ounce New Price: $5.79 Old Price: $7.52 You Save: $1.73  and will make some homemade dog snacks in the nest couple days for all his dog friends.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!

Thomas & Kash the Dog

collie mix


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Kash, Our Collie Mix Dog Was Attacked in California

Collie Mix dogs like Kash, are not fierce fighters.

Collie mix

Shelly was playing with Kash, a beautiful collie mix dog that we rescued, in the lawn of the motel we were staying at in Northern California, when out of the weeds in the adjacent vacant lot, a homeless woman and her dog stepped out.

Kash immediately went into protect mode and charged the big Pit Bull/Junkyard Dog. The other dog did the same. By the time Kash realized this was not going to be a butt sniffing meeting, he turned to run away. Too late.

The vicious homeless dog had a good 30 pounds on Kash and was all muscle. I was across the lawn from them but saw what was going to happen and started screaming at Kash to come. Shelly was already screaming and running towards the dog when the big brute tackled Kash and the rolled in the gravel. Shelly got there just a few yards ahead of me and did a header face first in the gravel! Kash was screaming, Shelly was screaming and I was screaming enough to scare the killer dog to let go. Kash ran over to Shelly with a big patch of fur hang off his back leg, and I ran toward the bad-ass dog to run it off.

Kash was just screaming his high pitched wounded bark, an awful sound. People came running over to help, with one lady telling us to stay away from the homeless lady as she is crazy and dangerous. We quick ran back to the motel room and got some cold wet washcloths and applied pressure to the wound. We got Kash calmed down a bit and I went for help finding a vet.

After 15 minutes I located a vet, the closest one was back in Oregon. So we carried Kash out to the van and heading through the night (a Sunday no less) to meet the vet at his office. It took about 30-45 minutes of driving a dangerous mountainous road but we arrived the same time as the vet. He immediately calmed us down and said it didn’t look like any permanent damage, just a 6″ X 6″ piece of his “suit” was torn and hanging. Several puncture wounds and no major muscle damage. We were told that collie mix dogs like Kash have thin skin. Kash was lucky.

This all happened when we were on a 28 day, 7500 mile road trip across the country via two lane roads. Our van was set up to sleep in with a memory foam mattress and a memory foam dog bed so we could sleep in it if we wanted or could not find a motel that allowed dogs. We still had 12 days to go and Kash had to wear a cone around his head!

collie mix in ocean

Kash is a trooper, and Shelly is a Saint. She takes care of Kash like nobody else! She is awesome despite her own injuries when she fell trying to get to Kash. Thank goodness they have both healed for the most part, just a bad memory exists. (The only downer of the whole trip)

More on our trip traveling with our collie mix dog named Kash. I have a lot of stories and photos. Stay tuned.

collie mix


Thomas and Kash



Border Collie Mix Dog is the Best!

Border Collie Mix – Mixed with Australian Shepherd That Is!

Kash the Dog is Border Collie-Aussie and smart as can be! He is in a super learning mode right now. Kash is 2-1/2 years old and really coming into his own.

If you have been following this blog, you know it wasn’t always that way. He was a real challenge for the first 6 months we had him. He did not bond with us for a long time, but we did not give up.

Collie Mix

Now Kash is a super good, well behaved, lover dog! He loves to play, eat, get petted, play some more, go swimming, and head out for his daily hike in the woods.

He is healthy, has great fur, incredible speed, and always a happy disposition. You may think I am bragging about how good of a dog he is, and I may be a little, but if you could have experienced his first few months you would understand.

He found the first big, well huge, Blue Racer snake of the year. Usually I am the one to spot them, but he is really attuned to his surroundings now, much more than he used to be. We have Blue Racers that are over 8′ on our property. The Michigan State Blue Racer record is 72.5 inches. So we have smashed the record!

Blue Racer

Photographed on Blue Racer Ranch

Kash, a Collie mix dog is gentle, so gentle he doesn’t want to kill any of the animals that he chases (and sometimes catches). He will stop just before he catches up to a squirrel so it can get up the tree, just barks at the snakes, touches frogs with his nose so gently that it makes you smile. Sometimes the frogs don’t even jump!

Bayer K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs


This is what we have found to work the best for Kash, our Collie mix pooch. We have a lot of ticks on our property so it is important for us to protect him with a good quality product that agrees with him and does the job. Highly recommended.

That’s my public service announcement for the day.

Hug your dog,

Thomas and Kash

collie mix


Collie Mix Pooch Named Kash Chases Coyote

Our Collie Mix dog, half Border Collie, half Australian Shepherd

Kash Flow, our beautiful Border Collie mix dog can really run through the woods fast! That is until I saw how fast a coyote can run through the woods! The coyote was a brown/grey blur streaking like there was no sticks, trees or branches in the way!

collie mix

All Kash could do was watch the coyote go…

Kash, being the Collie mix he is, is really not a fighter or a killer. When I killed a chipmunk that had been undermining our landscape foundation wall, he sniffed it and was so bummed at me. All day long! I think he though that was a playmate that I erased.

Anyway, I think Kash the Dog could hold his own against one coyote, but they seem to run in packs of 3-4 around here lately. We have seen just one most of the time, but hear packs of them at night.

The coyotes have just about eliminated all the rabbits from our property. I have seen very few rabbit tracks this winter, and no wild cat tracks. They don’t seem to have hurt the squirrel population though. We had 8 squirrels at the feeder this morning.

Have you ever thought about becoming a dog trainer? It seems like that would be a great occupation if you love dogs and dogs love you. Something to think about. I have looked into it and have found an interesting dog training program.

Become a Dog Trainer/Start a New Career

I may make an exception to Border Collie mix dogs like Kash though. He took me to the limit as a puppy. If you have been reading this blog from the beginning, you know what I’m talking about!

Kash the Dog has a website at http://kashthedog.com. Visit it sometime and learn some more about collie mix dogs.

That’s all for now,

Thomas and Kash

collie mix


DISCLOSURE: You should assume that the owner of this website has an affiliate relationship to the providers of goods and services mentioned (links) on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. These are quality and trustworthy proven products, but you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.  These products have a 100% money-back guarantee.